1. Bergisch mal Drei
  2. The Bergisch Three
  3. #rauszeitlust - Mach mal NRW!
  4. #rauszeitlust - The Bergischen Drei


    Living industrial history

    History was made in Solingen, Remscheid and Wuppertal. Industrial history. Cutlery of all kinds was exported from here all over the world in the 19th century. And even today, numerous industrial museums and cottages nestled idyllically in the river valleys of Eschbach, Morsbach and Wupper bear witness to this heyday. Disused railway lines make discoveries from the saddle very comfortable. Because here you can cycle without any inclines.

    Into the colourful life

    Art and culture are still the contrast, so to speak, to the hard work in the factories. At the same time, they describe the transformation of an entire region, away from the industrial age and towards modern, family-friendly towns with a lively cultural scene, alternative meeting places, theatre and music. This change is hard to miss in Wuppertal. Street artists have created works of art here that make you want to explore the city on your own. Stairs with steps in all colours or colourful bridges convey pure joie de vivre here.