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  2. The Bergisch Three
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  4. Der Brückensteig - an adventure!

    Experience something unique and extraordinary at the Bergische Drei - the bridge walk on the Müngsten Bridge. #brückensteig

    At a height of around 100 meters, the gigantic steel arch spans the green valley of the Wupper: The Müngsten Bridge is the landmark of the Bergisches Land region, it is considered a milestone of Bergisch industrial culture and has been setting engineering standards throughout Europe since the end of the 19th century. Currently, Germany's highest railroad bridge, which still connects the cities of Solingen, Remscheid and Wuppertal, is on its way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until now, the imposing structure was reserved for rail traffic - but that has changed as of August 1, 2021. The "bridge walkway," developed by Deepwood GmbH from Wuppertal, also opens up the structure to the public in a spectacular way. A guided ascent over the arched structure takes place on foot - making it possible to experience Bergische Industriekultur up close.

    777 steps to the bird's eye view
    The tour starts at Haus Müngsten, directly under the bridge. Whether young, old, big or small - the bridge walk welcomes everyone. The visitors are greeted in small groups by trained instructors from Deepwood GmbH and - after tightening the climbing harnesses - begin the adventure together. In the continuous safety system, the climbing teams climb a total of 777 steps step by step, while the breathtaking scale of the structure unfolds with each additional meter. At the very top, at a height of around 100 meters, the adventure comes to a climax on a platform with an overwhelming view.



    Müngstener Brückenweg 71
    42659 Solingen

    Mail: info@brueckensteig.de
    Fon: +49 202 / 69520680