1. Bergisch mal Drei
  2. The Bergisch Three
  3. Bergisch Industrial Culture

    3 days cycling in the Bergisches Städtedreieck

    Day 1 Arrival in Solingen Gräfrath

    Stroll through the historic center of Solingen Gräfrath. Here you can enjoy the idyllic old town and visit the German Blade Museum or the Solingen Art Museum with the Center for Persecuted Arts.

    Afterwards, your ride will take you comfortably along the beautifully winding, but low gradient corkscrew route to the LVR Industrial Museum Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs. Here, the industrial production of scissors is presented very vividly.

    Optionally, you can also visit the artist's studio in the former freight halls at Südpark and the Forum Produktdesign, Solinger Schneidewaren, in the former main train station.

    A stop at the factory outlet of Solinger Schneidewaren, e.g. Zwilling or Güde, is not to be missed in the city of blades.  

    After an exciting first day, you will spend the night in Solingen Gräfrath at the 4-star Hotel Gräfrather Hof.


    Day 2: From Solingen to Remscheid

    After a hearty breakfast, your bike tour starts from Solingen along the Bergisches Panorama-Radweg, past the beautiful viewpoint Theegarten to the bridge park Müngsten.

    Here you will make a well-deserved stop under the Müngsten Bridge. The Müngsten Bridge Park is also worth a visit.

    The trip continues along the Wupper on the Remscheid side of the river to Unterburg. There, the cable car will take you and your bike to Solingen-Oberburg to the famous Burg Castle.

    The last stage takes you comfortably along the Balkan route with its low gradient to Remscheid. Here a relaxing night awaits you at the Hotel Fischer.


    Day 3 Sightseeing/Tour Suggestions

    On day 3 you can explore the historic town center of Remscheid-Lennep. You can also quench your thirst for knowledge at the German Roentgen Museum and follow the trail of the cloth industry at the Cloth Museum.

    If you prefer to work your leg muscles rather than your gray matter, you can take a bike tour from Remscheid-Lennep to the Valley of Cloth. The first stop is recommended in Dahlhausen, where the museum train station with its trolley and museum train service will delight young and old alike.

    The tour then continues to Dahlerau. The textile town is also home to the Wülfing Museum, where you're sure to learn something new about the region's traditional industry.

    Finally, on the way back, you can marvel at the Wuppertal and Panzertal dams (total length of the tour: 22 km).

    From the hotel in Remscheid, you will then return by train from Remscheid-Lennep to Solingen main station (approx. 30 min) - not without another highlight, as the route takes you over Germany's highest railroad bridge.

    An alternative departure or another overnight stay is possible for an additional charge.


    This is included:

    •    2 nights in a hotel with half board (3-course menu).
    •    Welcome package: bike maps, bottle of Haaner Felsenquelle, Zöpken
    •    Packed lunch on the second day
    •    Luggage transfer from Gräfrath to Remscheid

    For the return trip from the hotel in Remscheid to Solingen with the Müngstener/S7 you have to buy a public transport ticket (6,40 Euro per person) and a bike day ticket (4,80 Euro per bike).

    Book this trip from €349.00 at info@die-bergischen-drei.de!