Time travel and detective work

The industrial revolution in the Bergisch Land area began earlier than in other regions on the continent. Traces of the period can be found everywhere, from the streams in the valleys to the towns. Four expedition tours will take you through the liveliest areas in the urban triangle. Here, at original locations, you can find out more about the stories behind old counting houses and trading companies, disused factories, products and pre-production processes.

The “Clothmaker Detective Trail” leads you to the old town centre in Lennep, “Made in Solingen” to the blade town, “The Overhead Railway Time Travel” to Wuppertal, as does the “Textiles in im Wuppertal” tour.

Tours of the towns are not the only means of discovering the rich industrial history in the three main towns in the Bergisch Land. there are also tours of the countryside.
Go to the headline “Walking” and you’ll find more information on walking adventure trails on the theme of early industrialisation.

Cycle trails along disused railway lines in the three towns will give you a vivid impression of industrial heritage from a cyclist’s point of view.

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