A warm welcome to Remscheid!

Remscheid is the third largest town in the Bergisch Land. It has a population of around 115,000 (as of 2010) and is popularly known as the “lake town on the hills”. This phrase arose around the end of the 19th century when the metal and tool industries in Remscheid maintained a huge number of trade connections overseas throughout the whole world. Today, on the grounds of its trading structure as the last industrial town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Remscheid and its four suburbs (Old-Remscheid, South Remscheid, Lüttringhausen and Lennep) with their innovative and globally renowned firms, has even more to offer. Almost one third of the whole urban area consists of woods and green areas. There are 4,500 hectares of landscape protection areas alone, and a further 23 nature protection areas covering an area of 715 hectares. A multiplicity of leisure and  social facilities make life in Remscheid a rich and pleasant experience.

Discovering Remscheid

Anyone visiting Remscheid can see our town hall from miles away. It’s an impressive building made of old-world rough-hewn bricks: one of the most attractive symbols of the characteristic charm of a small town in the Bergisch Land. But there is much more to Remscheid than impressive architecture, dreamy Bergisch half-timbered houses and awesome natural areas. Remscheid has many interesting features, regional, national and international, which everyone can discover for themselves. It’s simply a very pleasant place to live and experience. You can visit the Trasse des Werkzeugs, for example; or take a guided tour of the town’s past and present history with all the different themes. Or you can visit the Müngsten Viadukt. The uniquely attractive park below is always worth a visit.  Then again you can always go on a long shopping spree in Remscheid, for example in the Allee-Center in the middle of town and the “Brückencenter” in the south, or take a look inside one of the inimitable shops in the old suburb of Lennep and the many home-owned businesses in Lüttringhausen


Leisure and culture in Remscheid

If you think there’s nothing going on in Remscheid, don’t waste your time reading on. If you don’t think that’s the case you should take a look at our calendar of events and find out what’s going on. There are a lot of things to discover, alongside such well-known events like the Remscheid "essKULTour", the Motor Show and the Chrismas Village with its skating rink. Cultural centres like the Teo Otto Theatre, the German Tool Museum and the X-Ray Museum are guaranteed to be worth a visit. They look forward to greeting you.

Remscheid Hospitality

Tasty “Kottenbutter” (black bread with cold sausage, mustard and onions) and of course the Bergisch Coffee Table with its well-known pewter coffee pot, the so-called “Dröppelminna“, are typical Bergisch specialities. Remscheid caters are looking forward to your visit and aim to regale you with their tasty specialities. If you want to stay a bit longer the list of places to stay in Remscheid covers many different options in almost every price range.

Remscheid’s worth a visit! We’re looking forward to greeting you!

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