Beyenburg Reservoir

The historic core of Beyenburg lies in a bend of the River Wupper, where it’s dammed up in the Beyenburg reservoir. You can take a comfortable stroll around the reservoir. It’s a good 1,100 metres long and up to 140 metres wide.

The reservoir in its present shape was built between 1950 and 1953 in order to protect the region from floods and ensure water supplies during drought years. A “Beyenburg Compensation Pond” was built for this purpose as early as 1900, and finally replaced in 1954. But developments didn’t stand still. The Wupper Dam was built in the 1980s which meant that the reservoir had outlived its original function.

That said, hydro-electricity is still produced here today: in the past to drive a dyeing plant, and nowadays to produced electricity for the public grid.

Today the reservoir is principally used for leisure purposes. Several successful canoeing clubs have settled here and the canoeists can often be seen training. If you happen to see a boat with twenty paddlers and a cox giving the stroke rate with a drum, then you know that a dragonboat is on the water. Over the past few years the Beyenburg reservoir has developed into a dragonboat stronghold. Every summer the hugely popular Bergisch Dragonboat Festival takes place here.