Beyenburg: facts and figures

  • 1303 “Beyenborch” first mentioned
    ca. 1304 Foundation of the Steinhaus Monastery on Beyenberg
    1336 First official mention of the Beyenburg Fortress, now fallen into disrepair
    1339 official proof of the existence of the Wupper bridge as a border crossing, customs and control station
    ca. 1400 the historic core of the town grows up around the monastery and the castle. It is later named “Freedom”, and possesses guaranteed privileges and an independent judiciary.
    1804 The monastery is secularised
    1806 French occupying forces dissolve the Ducal Office of Beyenburg
    1816 Beyenburg is taken over by Prussia and allocated to the district of Lennep
    1929 integrated into Wuppertal
    1864 the Crosiers Order repossesses the monastery. It is the Order’s last monastery in Germany.