The Weegerhof Washhouse

Housewive’s Progress

The Weegerhof estate mostly housed workers, clerks and their families who were employed in the cutting-goods industry. None of them could afford the luxury of washing machines. But they did profit from a highly modern and socially exemplary community facility: the Weegerhof washhouse.

Until deep into the 1960s doing the family laundry was a strenuous job for housewives and often lasted for days. Machines in the washhouse reduced the operation to a few hours. On top of that it was far easier to clean factory workers’ extremely dirty working clothes by machine than by hand.

When the Solingen Community Building Society (SBV) built the 185 dwellings on the estate it decided to do without washing and drying areas in the houses in favour of a central washhouse. It was in use until 2005 and is now a listed building. Huge washing machines, voluminous spinning facilities, steam-soaked rows of individual cupboards drying machines and powerful steam-driven mangles – the original inventory still exists. In addition there are countless objects illustrating the history of washing.


Waschhaus Weegerhof
42657 Solingen 

Access via Hermann-Meyer-Straße,
between houses number 30/28 and 26


Weegerhof Washhouse
Tel: +49 (0) 212/815201

Opening hours

From February to November every first Sunday in the month from 11 to 13.00

Other times and guided tours on request