The Lauterjung pocket-knife assembly workshop

As if the workers had just taken a break

By tradition Solingen cutting goods were overwhelmingly made in people’s homes and the industry demanded many different crafts. So-called “Reider” were responsible for assembling the different finished parts and their tiny workshops were scattered all over the town. The “Lauterjung Reiderei” specialised in assembling pocket knives.

The German word “Reiderei” comes from “Gereiden” – a gadget or tool -  because many different gadgets were necessary to do the job properly. Several generations of workers spent their lives in the cottage workshop belonging to the Lauterjung family. The last of the bosses was Arthur Lauterjung who retired in 1965. The original equipment in the workshop has been completely preserved. Here visitors can learn more about this typical Solingen profession, about the assembly of pocket-knives and the division of labour in the cutting tool industry.

The “Kotten” can be visited by individuals and groups. In addition it offers workshops several times a year in which pocket knives are put together.


Taschenmesser-Reiderei Lauterjung
Schaberger Straße 16
42659 Solingen

Tel: +49 (0) 212/232410  

Opening hours

From April to October every first Wednesday in the month:
15 – 17.00 and by prior arrangement

Pocketknife workshop dates on request