Loosen Maschinn

From water to steam power

When Solingen grinders abandoned water power in favour of the steam engine they called their new workshops "Maschinn". In 1895 there were 107 of them. One of the largest, the “Loosen Maschinn” was built in 1888 by a farmer called Ernst Loos. The workshop was in operation until 1990. 183 grinders found work here.

The exhibition rooms in the Loosen Maschinn workshop show what a “Maschinn” looked like at the time, and how people worked here. The venue is run by a group of “friends” called the “Förderverein Industriemuseum Solingen e.V.”, with the help of the LVR Industrial Museum. Visitors can view the original grinders’ workplace, original parts and tools.


Loosen Maschinn 
Börsenstraße 87
42657 Solingen

Tel: +49 (0) 212/232410

Opening hours

On selected Sundays
from 15.00 to 17.00

Other times and guided tours on request