The LVR Industrial Museum - The Hendrichs Drop Forge

Where the iron is still hot!

The historic Hendrichs Drop Forge is a very special museum. Things are still produced here. Visitors can directly experience how a pair of scissors is made from a molten blank. In addition there are a lot more exciting things to discover about the history of the famous Solingen cutting-goods industry. 

In the 19th century Solingen was a “workshop for the world”. At its height the town dispatched almost every imaginable cutting and slicing implement to all four corners of the globe.

The family business F. & W. Hendrichs, was set up in 1886 and soon expanded to become one of the largest drop forges in the town. Workers forged blanks for Solingen industries and produced scissors for the global market. Nowadays the drop forge is part of the LVR-Industrial Museum.

The changing room with its old lockers, the washroom, the engine room, boiler house and office are all in their original place, waiting to be discovered. The elegant family villa next door gives visitors insights into the lifestyle of a factory-owner’s family at the time.

When the museum bangs and shakes

Nowadays there are regular demonstrations with lots of banging and hissing as the drop hammer hits the molten steel. The blacksmith loves to have people looking over his shoulder. Steam engines and diesel motors are also regularly set in motion. On Tuesdays and Thursdays anyone who brings along worn-out knives and scissors can have them done up in the grinding shop.

The KnifeForkScissorsMarket – a product show presented by Solingen businesses – takes place regularly in October/November every year. Here visitors can view a whole range of products from exclusive designs to simple kitchen knives, the so-called Solingen “Zöppken”.

Industrial history in many locations

You can experience the many aspects of industrial heritage in a lot of different locations. The LVR-Industrial Museum has cooperated with a number of partners to set up several outside venues in Solingen. You are warmly invited to visit…


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