The Tape Workers Museum

From the very start of Ronsdorf’s existence ribbon weaving was one of the main sources of income. The town was once regarded as the centre of the Bergisch ribbon weaving industry which reached its apex in the 19th century. Around 1900 Ronsdorf had around 13,300 inhabitants and 2000 tape weaving looms, but after that the industry went into decline.

Ronsdorf is now a suburb of Wuppertal. Its local history society works to preserve the memory of this once flourishing trade in a small museum situated in a disused Prussian Tape Weaving School.

Technical improvements in the tape weaving industry are shown in the form of several machines ranging from a hand-driven mill loom, an electrically-driven ribbon loom and a Jacquard loom, all the way to modern automatic looms. Visitors can view all the equipment used at the time, and there are working demonstrations at the looms. The collection is completed by a huge number of specialist books and a comprehensive selection of ribbon samples