The Lennep Cloth Museum

From Lennep to the world

Weaving looms in Lennep were clattering away at a very early period. Steam machines were hissing and fulling mills were creaking along the Wupper. A highly efficient industry developed as early as the 16th and 17th century. Goods produced here proved highly popular in the New World. For this reason Lennep merchants set up sales offices in New York as early as the 18th century.

The Cloth Museum on the edge of the old town centre informs visitors of the history of the cloth industry in Lennep. It tells of merchant houses and their breakthrough into new markets, trade routes, privileges and the clothmakers’ profession, as well as the businessmen’s sense of social responsibility. And it describes how hand-spun woollen thread was turned into woven cloth.

A factory town in its original state

But where were finished products actually manufactured? What did a factory look like then? What machines were invented in order to ensure a perfect product? The “Wülfing Textile town“, an old cloth factory and now an industrial monument of European status, can give visitors some fascinating insights.

The Cloth Museum and the Wülfing textile town – a perfect complement.


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