The German X-ray Museum

A scientific revolution

The German word “Röntgen” means x-ray. And today the former cloth making town of Lennep calls itself the “Röntgen town”. For good reasons. This is where Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923), the town’s most famous son, was born. Although he came from an old clothmaking family he had no real interest in the trade. In 1895 the brilliant physicist discovered the x-rays which are now known throughout the German-speaking world as “Röntgen” rays.

His pioneering research revolutionised medical diagnosis. Indeed it permeated and transformed science, medicine and everyday life. In 1901 this major scientist was awarded the first ever Nobel Prize for physics.

The Röntgen Museum on the edge of the old town centre invites visitors to follow the traces of the inventor who made himself a name as a creative visionary. A tour of the museum includes stopping points along the way like a laboratory, a cinema, a restaurant and a museum shop, not forgetting temporary exhibitions. The motto here is not simply to look and admire the exhibits, but to try things out and experiment in an active and interactive manner.


Deutsches Röntgen-Museum
Schwelmer Straße 41
42897 Remscheid-Lennep

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