The German Blade Museum

At the cutting edge

Me fecit Solingen – made in Solingen. Blades of all sorts have made the town famous throughout the world. Swords, daggers, cutlery, knives and scissors were produced here at a very early age for export to all four corners of the globe. Solingen is still the centre of the German knife and cutlery industry and its name is a byword for first-class goods. It is no accident that the town contains the German Blade Museum. 

The museum is situated on the edge of the old centre of Gräfrath in a restored building which was once the Gräfrath Monastery. It presents the history of blades and tells of cutlery and dining culture. It contains the most comprehensive collection of cutlery in the world, as well as blank weapons and cutting tools from every époque and culture. The exhibits tell of exciting stories of love and war, aristocratic dispensations and old customs. All this and more is waiting to be discovered in the museum.

From deadly daggers to chip pickers

Kids can go on a journey of discovery in the Bergisch house right next to the Blade Museum. Here they can guess noises, puts their hands into secret boxes, pick up swords, sabres and daggers, try them out, wave them around and twist and turn them. Everything is possible and expressly allowed.

Like the German Blade Museum, to which the children’s museum is attached, this is all about sharp cutting blades, but here all the themes have been tailored to meet the needs of children. Admission tickets can be bought at the box office in the museum next door. Dad, mum, granny and granddad and other adults are also welcome to go along.


Deutsches Klingenmuseum
Klosterhof 4
42653 Solingen

Phone: +49 (0) 212 / 25 83 60

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