The Plagiarius Museum

Inventiveness and stealing someone else’s ideas

Wherever the spirit of inventiveness and creativity give rise to successful practical and luxury products cheap copies won’t be far away. The Plagiarius Museum displays a whole range of fakes and sharpens people’s awareness of the immense damage caused by the theft of intellectual property.

The collection directly compares more than 350 original products and their copies. These include practical household articles, clothing, cosmetics, medication, toys, lighting equipment, furniture, tools, technically complex machines and gadgets, to name but a few. Product piracy exists in almost every branch of industry. Unscrupulous business practices damage the economy and are sometimes even a danger to consumers.

The producers of high-class cutting-goods in Solingen are increasingly suffering from the global misuse of the name “Solingen". Despite the fact that it’s a protected brand name and a synonym for quality, more and more inferior copies are turning up on the world market. Thanks to this close thematic link, the museum for product piracy has found an ideal location in the Solingen South Park.