Industrial Heritage Museums

The history of industrialisation on the Continent began in the valleys of the Bergisch Land. The region was blessed with plenty of water and people soon learnt to exploit its power. Waterwheels drove grindstones and forging hammers, and water from the Wupper was used in countless spinning mills, weaving mills and dye works for washing and bleaching yarn and cloth. This was the start of a success story which still continues today.
Each of the three main Bergisch towns – the Bergisch Three – developed its own industry. Remscheid specialised in producing tools and machines, Solingen made a name for itself with sharp knives and scissors, and in Wuppertal production principally centred around the chemical and textile industries. Today the region’s museums tell us of the huge inventive powers in this innovative region. In some places manufacturer continues even today, and fascinating knowledge about technology is passed on in a highly palpable fashion.