Floating above the Wupper

Fortunately, you don’t simply “go over the Wupper” at the Müngsten Bridge Park. Thanks to the unique “hanging ferry” you can float above it. Hanging on two cables it floats in the air above the surface of the water and takes you to the other side of the river 64 metres away. Travelling at a speed of one metre per second the journey takes around three minutes. It not only passes beneath the mighty railway bridge, it also uses railway technology similar to a pedal train. Yes, environmentally friendly muscle power is required here. Up to four travellers at a time can provide the necessary manpower to propel the ferry: with the aid of the ferryman, of course. 


10 persons, also cycles, prams and wheelchairs


All the year round, depending on the weather.

In summer generally 10 to 18.00,
in winter 11 to 17.00

Information on the ferry activity

Ferry house phone: +49 (0) 212 / 2 44 36 85
Ferryman phone: +49 (0) 172 / 4 59 95 09