Enjoy the view

Anyone who sets out on the track to the Diederichs Temple will be rewarded with a wonderful view of woodland as far as the eye can see, a river rushing through the valley and a huge viaduct which seems to grow straight out of the greenery.
The dreamlike view from here, on a rock high above the Wupper was once a great favourite of August Diederichs, a wealthy man who was born in Remscheid, and had been the director of a Swiss boarding school before he retired. In 1901 he had a heptagonal pavilion built here in a neo-Gothic the so-called Diederichs Temple. Because he did not want to enjoy the view alone he donated it to the general public.

A walk to the Diederichs Temple

The Diederichs Temple is a wonderful destination for a short trip into the hills above the River Wupper. If you start your trip at the Viaduct Park you should take the hanging ferry across to the other side of the river. At the next crossing the path leads left up the hill and beneath the arches of the Müngsten viaduct to the pavilion. If you follow the path further it will lead you back to Müngsten. Cross the Napoleon bridge – here you will find an information column – and this will take you back to the Viaduct Park. 
(3 kilometres, 60 minutes, light)