In the Middle Ages "Burg an der Wupper" was the capital of the Bergisch Land. From here the Counts of Berg ruled over their tiny empire. The Castle still towers above the River Wupper: and below it, in Unterburg, there are old Bergisch half-timbered houses huddled together in narrow alleyways, not to speak of attractive cafés and restaurants.
The place might look picturesque today but there was once a whole range of typical industrial activities here in the valley. These included an iron foundry, an engine factory, a wool spinning mill and several forges.

The turntable in Unterburg is a rare curiosity. The narrow Wupper valley made it impossible for trams to turn around at their destination in Unterburg. The upshot was, that until 2009 the trams had to be turned around on the turntable. The whole process took 45 seconds to complete. The turntable has been preserved for special journeys presented by the Obus Museum in Solingen. 

Since 1952 there has been a cable-car connection from Unterburg to the Castle above it. Around 200,000 travellers a year use the comfortable link. The station in the valley is situated on the banks of the Wupper near  a bus stop called “Burg Seilbahn”.