Mouth-watering Treats

There are plenty of tasty cafés and restaurants around Burg Castle, from whose lofty terraces you can enjoy a broad view of the surrounding countryside. The favourite local speciality is something called the “Bergische Kaffeetafel” (or Bergisch Coffee Table):

This lavish version of afternoon coffee and cake consists of currant cake and black bread, honey, treacle, quark and cheese, rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar, not forgetting Bergisch waffles topped with hot cherries and cream. If you’re still not stuffed to capacity and want to continue with the original menu you can follow this up by dipping a pretzel or a sweet Bergisch crispy biscuit in your coffee. To help you digest this feast we recommend a Doppelkorn brandy or liqueur. A so-called  “Dröppelminna”, (a pewter coffee pot) used to be the centre of attraction at the Bergisch Kaffeetafel.

Not quite as lavish but equally tasty is the mini-version of the complete “coffee table”: Bergisch waffles with hot cherries and cream.

If you prefer a more hearty menu why not try a Kottenbotter? This rustic speciality consists of two buttered slices of black or grey bread topped with smoked sausage, slices of onion and mustard. A “Kottenbotter“ was once the equivalent of a sandwich for the forgers who took their meal breaks at work in their workshops.

On your way to and from the castle at the top of the hill you’ll pass through Unterburg which also has a lot of pleasant traditional cosy cafés.