Counts, knights and aristocratic maidens

Noble knights pit their skills against villains to rescue aristocratic maidens. Their coats-of-mail clatter, their swords clash, and their spiked maces flail in the air. Mediaeval tournaments in the castle grounds are a source of great excitement. They are held several times a year.

Time and time again the Castle is filled with mediaeval life. Thirteenth century craft products are put on display, visitors are shown how harvest thanksgiving was celebrated in the Middle Ages, what life was like at court, and much more. These lively events also take place at regular intervals.

A stroll through the castle is possible at any time of the year.  Here you can learn how an aristocratic family once lived, where the Lord of the Castle resided, where social gatherings took place and where legal verdicts were handed down. Colourful wall paintings recount historical events, and there are weapons, chain mail, courtly objects and everyday military objects from a long-past époque.