The Steffens Hammer

The historic Steffens Hammer is tucked away beneath a dammed up pond where the river  Gelpe runs into the Morsbach. It is part of the Remscheid suburb of Clemenshammer, which once contained a whole range of hammers. Nowadays this is the last working forge cottage in the valley, unchanged from the time it was built in the middle of the 18th century.  

The Steffens Hammer was in full production until 1928, manufacturing tools and small fittings, mainly from refined steel, a high-class steel which guaranteed top quality products from Remscheid. Blacksmiths were producing items at the Steffens Hammer until 1958.

Today the old cottage workshop shows what life and work was like at the time. Along with a small typical half-timbered smithy nearby, you can take a look inside during the summer months. Apart from that, individual guided tours can be arranged at any time.
Today the hammer belongs to a society of “friends”. Its aim is to fill it with life and preserve it for the general public in all its authenticity.


Clemenshammer 5
42855 Remscheid-Hasten

Dieter Orth, Phone: +49 (0) 179 / 2 29 13 12
Lutz Kleuser, Phone: +49 (0) 160 / 97 79 53 37

Viewing times

Outside at any time

Inside from April to September 2013 on every third Saturday in the month from 11.00–17.00

Individual dates by prior arrangement

From time to time there are blacksmiths’ demonstrations. Dates and times are announced on the homepage.