The Wupper Trail

A completely different way to travel

The clatter of iron wheels blends with the sound of excited voices echoing in the valley. Happy groups of four people are pedalling over the rails through woods alongside the River Wupper, a landscape where the famous old Bergisch robber chief, Karl Biebighäuser, might once have lurked in hiding.

The old stretch of the railway line runs for around 9 km through the woods, often directly adjacent to the Wupper. The iron wheels clatter over the rails but there are no signs of any noise from motors. The approaching clatter comes from a so-called bicycle handcar, driven by leg power.

You need to be pretty fit to keep the vehicle moving. The car was formerly used by workers and level crossing attendants along the track, but it’s now become a highly popular leisure attraction in the Bergisch urban triangle. The hard-working “cyclists” are rewarded by being in the open countryside, not to speak of the enjoyment involved in “driving” the vehicles.  On their way they can take a leisurely look at the natural countryside around them as they speed up and slow down across no less than seven bridges. The line crosses the Wupper alone on four occasions. One of the highlights along the way is the “Wülfing Textile Town”. That’s well worth a visit!

The old railway line was disused for many years. Today the 16 kilometre track is called the “Wupper Line” and runs from the Wuppertal suburb of Oberbarmen all the way to the dam at the Wuppertal reservoir. A “friends” society has made it their business to save the line from falling into disrepair. Alongside the bicycle handcar tours, there are future plans to present special trips in vintage trains.


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