The Kaiser’s carriage - the mobile salon

If you want to indulge in a bit of nostalgia why not try a trip in the shining red “Kaiserwagen”? Built in 1900 the railway carriage was used by Kaiser Wilhelm for a test journey. Nowadays the towns travelling salon has had a thorough overhaul and been restored in its original style with plush cushions seats, golden drapery in front of the windows, nostalgic lamps and an ornamental sliding Jugendstil door separating the first-class compartment from the second-class.

If you’re looking for a cosy afternoon trip with coffee and cake, a multicourse breakfast/lunch, or an atmospheric evening run, the Kaiser’s carriage offers you many opportunities for a very special journey.


Travelling in style

It’s the 21st of July 1950, a sunny morning in Wuppertal. A circus director by the name of Althoff, his son Harry and an elephant named Tuffi purchase tickets to travel on the Wuppertal overhead railway. Tuffi requires four tickets. She may be young but still weighs around 700 kilograms. It’s a publicity stunt thought up by the head of the Wuppertal public transport system and the circus director. Tuffi’s had plenty of advertising experience. She’s a star in her own right. The train sets off. It’s a bit wobbly. It’s a bit cramped. There are a lot of journalists in the carriage. And suddenly – Tuffi the elephant decides to get off.  From a height of 10 metres she jumps down into the River Wupper. By a miracle she remains unharmed – and lives on till 1989.

Tuffi is still famous in the town. But there are many more stories and tales to relate about the famous Wuppertal overhead railway. Over coffee and cake you can take a cosy trip sitting in the plush seats of carriage number 5. This is the historic  carriage in which Kaiser Wilhelm and his wife once glided over the town. Here you can enjoy the view over the Wupper and the valley and listen to an expert commentary from one of our town guides dressed in a historic costume. The guide not only accompanies you on your 80 minute round trip, but will also serve you food and drinks.

Information and reservations

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Phone: +49 (0) 202 / 1 94 33

(online reservations are also possible)