Old history in a new formatFormat

An audio-guide tells visitors everything they need to know about the highlights and the history of Wuppertal, its anecdotes and its symbols. Here you can learn about yarn bleachers on the Wupper meadows, the Vohwinkel Flea Market in the Guinness Book of Records, the tale of the Empress Auguste’s hat, and of course Tuffi’s incredible leap into the Wupper. The audio guide can be downloaded free of charge from the homepage of the town of Wuppertal. It’s in MP3 format and can be played on a trip with the overhead railway on an MP3 player, a mobile phone or smartphone.

No less than 39 chapters will accompany you on your round-trip in the overhead railway between Vohwinkel and Barmen. On your way between the 20 stations you will learn more about the symbol of Wuppertal, the must-see attractions which can be seen directly from the carriage window, and the town’s famous personalities.
The guide will also give you an insight into the future of the overhead railway. It’ll tell you about modern “whispering tracks” and the latest renovations to the stations. Each chapter is devoted to a section between two of the stations. This means you can get on the overhead railway anywhere during the journey and easily find the right place in your audio guide.

For a free download (2 zip files, each ca. 18 megabytes):
www.wuppertal.de, Keyword: Audio-Guide