The O-Bus

The “Knight’s Tour” on O-bus 59

O stands for overhead cable! And overhead cables were once commonly used by trolley busses. Trolleys have practically ceased to exist everywhere in the world. Except in the blade town Solingen, where the so-called “pole taxis” dominate the image of the town even today. Electric mobility is not only a theme for historical trolley busses. Their modern equivalents are also fuelled by electricity. The vehicle network is the largest in Germany.

The town offers regular museum tours in perfectly restored vintage vehicles. From April to October the historic O-bus number 59 travels between the attractive old-town suburb of Gräfrath to places like Burg Castle on the so-called “Knights’ Tour”. When they arrive in Unterburg the trolleys drive onto an old turntable where they are turned around ready for the return journey.

The members of the O-Bus Society have lovingly restored a whole range of vehicles. Furthermore the blade town has a lot of transport equipment, old documents and pictures of local transport. vehicles. You can visit the Solingen local transport depot by prior arrangement.


Obus-Museum Solingen e.V.
Weidenstraße 10
42655 Solingen

Phone: +49 (0) 212 / 2 95 22 01

Visits by prior arrangement

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