Historically mobile

In the Bergisch Urban Triangle you have to be inventive if you want to move people and goods reliably from A to B. There are hills and valleys, rivers and streams everywhere. Inventive engineers and road builders took up the challenge in the 19th century and created a clever traffic system with very special vehicles and routes.

Today many of the vehicles have been lovingly restored in order to give visitors a good idea of what they look liked. Not just for museums, but to bring visitors in an unusual fashion to fascinating localities in the region. In this way the journey becomes an end in itself.

Some vehicles have even proved their worth to the present day. The so-called Solingen “pole taxis” are nothing other than trolley busses. But they’re still on the road every day. And although the transport highlight in Wuppertal, the overhead railway, is used by thousands of passengers as an everyday means of transport, it is as unique as it is world famous.

A time journey by bus and trolley

Can you remember a time when they were still bus conductors? A time when every boy dreamed of being a train driver? When passenger wagons still had wooden benches and shiny well-kept buses rolled through the towns? Nowadays an organisation called the Bergisch Ring can take you on a journey back in time every second Sunday during the summer months. You will be travelling at a comfortable speed in a tram which is over 80 years old or a vintage bus from the 1950s and stopping along the way at various different industrial heritage sites.

The Bergisch Ring is an umbrella organisation comprising a total of 11 different societies and covering the whole spectrum of industrial heritage and Bergisch transport history. Local transport vehicles, both old and new, will take you from one fascinating venue to the next, linking industrial history and museums, the landscape and culture.

In Solingen the town is still served by so-called “Pole Taxis“: trolley buses.
Historic trams are on the move in the Kaltenbach valley, an old railway line known as the „Wupper rail“ brings back memories of the past, and you can experience the finest stretch along the Wupper Trail with an exotic vehicle called a bicycle-handcar.