1. Bergisch mal Drei
  2. The Bergisch Three
  3. Bergisch Industrial Culture

    The package offers you the opportunity to get to know the industrial culture and the colorful life in the Bergisches Land on the hiking trails of the region over three days. And you don't have to worry about your luggage, because it will be conveniently delivered to your next hotel every day.


    Day 1 - Arrival in Wuppertal to the half-timbered hotel

    From 2:00 p.m. you can check into the modern half-timbered hotel in Wuppertal at your leisure. In your room a small welcome package will be waiting for you, including the hiking maps for the next days. Your car can stay in the Q-Park parking garage near the hotel for the duration of the entire package (self-pay basis).

    But now you have the rest of the day to discover Wuppertal before you start your hike through the Bergisches Land the next morning. There is a lot to see in Wuppertal: The opera house, the Museum Industriekultur Wuppertal or the Engelshaus - here you can experience culture up close.

    In the evening, Wuppertal offers numerous places to stop for a bite to eat, such as the Wuppertaler Brauhaus, which is only a few meters away from your hotel.


    Day 2 - From Wuppertal to Solingen

    The next morning, there are many options for breakfast nearby. For example, Café Extrablatt is very close by. After breakfast, bus line E640 will take you from the stop "Werther Brücke" to the starting point of your first hiking stage "Wuppertal Ronsdorf". Line E640 runs every 30 minutes (public transport ticket on a self-pay basis).

    Your hiking map will guide you safely to your stage destination - Hotel Niggemann in Solingen. Your luggage will be waiting for you when you arrive there, as it will be delivered with a luggage transfer organized by us.

    On your hike to Schloss Burg, there is a lot to discover: You will hike along the Bandwirker Monument and the Bandwirker Museum through the beautiful Gelpe Valley with its hammers and numerous historic Bandwirker houses. Then you walk through the Morsbach Valley to the Müngsten Bridge Park with the impressive Müngsten Bridge and the Müngsten House. Here you can redeem your food voucher and fortify yourself for the last kilometers of the hike. Soon you will reach the historic castle of Burg, in the beautiful village of Burg. Here you will also find your hotel. From 5 p.m. you can check in at Hotel Niggemann and explore the district of Burg in the evening, before you end the evening in the hotel restaurant.


    Day 3 - From Solingen Castle to Gräfrath

    The next morning you can have breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant Niggemann and start the day relaxed.

    For the almost 17 kilometer long hike to Gräfrath you will receive a packed lunch from Hotel Niggemann as well as a detailed description of the hiking route, which will mostly run along the Bergischer Weg. Your luggage will be transported for you. So you can enjoy the hike in a relaxed way.

    From 3 p.m. you can already check in at the Hotel Gräfrather Hof and thus still have the whole afternoon to discover the beautiful historic town center of Gräfrath. And there is even more to see: In the immediate vicinity, the Klingenmuseum, the Kunstmuseum and the Zentrum für verfolgte Künste offer exciting insights into bygone eras. Starting at 7:30 p.m., you can stop by the hotel restaurant and enjoy a 3-course meal including a soft drink/beer. Dinner and breakfast the next morning are included in the package price. After breakfast we will bring you and your luggage back to Wuppertal to your starting point.



    • One overnight stay each in the half-timbered hotel Wuppertal, in the hotel Niggemann, in the Gräfrather Hof.
    • Welcome package: hiking maps, bottle of Haaner Felsenquelle, Zöppken, ballpoint pen
    • one packed lunch
    • voucher for a meal at Haus Müngsten in the Brückenpark
    • luggage transfer to the next hotel or back to the starting point at the end of the tour
    • on the last day dinner (3-course-menu incl. soft drink/beer) as well as breakfast at Gräfrather Hof

    Bookable from 350,00 € at info@die-bergischen-drei.de