Panorama cycle track

The network of panoramic cycle tracks has now reached 300 kilometres and is still growing. The network links the old railway tracks through the Bergisch Land, the south of the Ruhrgebiet and the Sauerland region giving cyclists access to the popular riverside trails along the Rhine, Ruhr and Sieg. Around 175 kilometres of track lead along the almost completely flat railway routes and there are only a few strenuous challenges to be met on the sections which link them. The great majority of the network is now open for cyclists.

The system of signposts along the Bergisch urban triangle will probably be completed by the end of 2013. The whole panoramic cycle trail system will be totally signed by the end of 2014. Till then you can find your way around easily by using the many different available maps, internet information and GPX data. Suggestions for tours and helpful information can be called up via the page navigation.

Please appreciate that because of the continual updates the tour tips are in German. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Current information on the old railway cycle tracks

Die Übersichtskarte

Cover Übersichtskarte Panorama-Radwege

Mit dem Fahrrad mal eben hoch hinaus. Unterwegs auf stillgelegten Bahntrassen zwischen Ruhr, Rhein und Sieg
Vier Panorama-Radwege mit den wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten und zahlreichen Zusatzinformationen in einer topografischen Karte: Höhenprofile und Etappenbeschreibungen mit GPX-Dateien, Kennzeichnung von Fahrradverleih- und E-Bike-Ladestationen an den Strecken.

Alle Informationen sind als Etappenbeschreibungen über die rechte Seiten-Navigation abrufbar.

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Radsport Nagel

Radsport Nagel